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Plants 1 Pests 0

After some of our trees taking a little bit of a kicking from the local hooligans - the pests - they’ve managed to get themselves together and record a little victory.

A combination of a spray or two of Neem oil, a bit of TLC and a bucket load of rain our trees that were being badly affected by weevils and other insects are now on the road to recovery. Some are even sprouting new leaves.

The trees mostly affected were mahogany, rosewood and Terminalia Ivorensis, which from now on we’ll call black afara, as i need to give it an easier to remember name. These are all now in different stages of recovery.

As well as neem oil, which is made from pressing the fruits and seeds of a locally grown tree, we’ve discovered a few more natural treatments for pests.

We’ve read about people using wood vinegar and even tobacco-soaked water, so it seems there are plenty of options should we hit this problem again. Which we will.

But for now Neem oil seems to be working. We bought it online for 129 baht/litre - that about £3 or $4.

It’s been a small victory, seeing how the trees are recovering, but it’s a satisfying one.

New growth is encouraging. Rain helps!

Looking a bit healthier.

Old sugar can remains on the land, but we’ll deal with that properly when we get there. It provides some ground cover for the time being.

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