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Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch

Among our reasons for moving to the country was to have more time to do things we like doing.

One thing Hana wanted to do more of is baking, and in recent weeks she’s been able to devote more time to experimenting in the kitchen.

A future goal is that we may be able to sell stuff to the growing number of coffee shops in the area, and we’ve also thought about having our own little weekend coffee shop in the future to attract visitors from the local temple, which is popular, and even sell fruit and veg we grow on the farm.

That’s a bit further away for us at the moment so Hana is focusing on baking and refining each item - and luckily for us, we get to try it out and see how it tastes.

Dudley is already a big fan, but he’s not too discerning when it comes to food. He’ll eat almost anything, but seems to stop at vegetables, although plastic is a favourite.

Banana cakes of various shapes and sizes and a variety of kinds of oatcakes have been popular so far, both at home and among family in the village.

Although many people here thought it odd that we installed a western kitchen I think they are starting to appreciate the benefits now.

While we thought it may be a while before we were ready to sell, we were delighted to get a message on our Instagram page from a new subscriber (hello!) who lives locally and asked if they were for sale. The proof is in the pudding though, and over the next week or so we’ll bake some more and give a few samples to taste. Ok, Hana will bake more.

After that we’ll have a think about branding and packaging as The One Tree Farm, and perhaps look at selling in the village or even coffee shops.

For some inspiration this week we bought some mustard and cordial from a foreign/Thai run farm we know in Chiang Mai, Hillcrest Farm. It was good to see how they approach branding and packaging, and it has given us some ideas for our own produce when we get I that stage.

But now I’m off to have a little fry up and try the country mustard.

As Hana is in the kitchen on this rainy Saturday morning it may be followed by a cake or two. I think a diet will be needed soon!

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