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We've never farmed in our life

This picture is about the closest I've ever come to being a farmer. Until now.


After living 20 years in Bangkok we decided it's time for a changeWe're not the first people to move to the country, and in 2020, we're definitely not the only people making the move. But this is our story.

There are lots of reasons for moving, but none of them include our experience of farming.

It promises to be quite a ride! 



Nestled in a remote corner of north-eastern Thailand is The One Tree Farm. Our farm.

Isaan, the other, more common, name for Northeast Thailand is well-known by many people for its food and its culture, and the towns, cities and provinces are among the best known by non-Thais. But even so, we are in the province of Kalasin, and it's probably one of the least known areas. 

Why Kalasin? It's home, originally for one of us, and soon for both of us. I'm sure we'll get to know it better in the coming months and years.

Fruit, vegetables and animals nurtured and cared for.

Organic? Maybe one day.

But we hope to become a fully-functional small farm growing fruit and vegetables for ourselves and the community. We think we'll have some animals too - some ducks, goats, chickens. Who knows?

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