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Banking on seeds

In the not too distant future we'll start concentrating on the farm, and that means planting stuff.

If you've been reading you'll know that we planted a bunch of fruit trees at the end of March, and most of them seem to be doing pretty well now. The only plant to really have suffered is the jackfruit as we've lost the two trees we bought. Odd, as they usually flourish in Thailand but from what I've read they don't do well without enough water, so maybe the rains just came a bit late for them and, not being on site, we weren't able to give them the water they need. Another little lesson learned.

I've made a list of everything we planted here and added photos of how the trees will look one day, and also a pic of the fruit. I tried linking to this before and it didn't work, but hopefully I've sussed it this time.

We've also got a bunch of grass seeds we'll plant as cover crops, but they've also been chosen as they'll add essential nutrients to the soil.

These are:

  • Horse gram

  • Sunn hemp

  • Laplap

  • Pigeon pea

  • Rice bean

  • Cow pea

  • Mung bean

  • Velvet bean

  • Stylo

But what it all means is that we are constantly on the lookout for seeds, particularly for things are a little more unusual. And that's just what happened earlier this week when I saw the offer of ghost pepper seeds.

If you've never heard of ghost pepper, well, they are hot. Ten times as hot as Thai chilis. But its a specialty crop so there may be more opportunities to make a little bit more money from it. We'll see how it goes.

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