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Building momentum

Been busy recently so haven‘t has much time to post, and also in the process of writing a couple of stories that need a little more thinking and a bit of research.

One will be about our farm name - how we got the name and how it will inspire us in the future. Another is about the air quality in Thailand, particularly in Bangkok, and why small stead farmers get the blame (somewhat unfairly) - and how we hope change how things work, at least in our community. And another will be about how to sign up to this site to get updates when they happen - something I’ve still got to work out how to do!

But while I’ve been planning upcoming activities from Bangkok, our builders have been doing lots with the house, so I thought it would be a good opportunity for an update. And rather than me blethering on, how about a few photos?

These go back to Jan 23rd

- and remember work only started on the 19th.

So here goes

January 23rd

January 24th

February 2nd

February 6th

Good progress being made and rains will start soon - probably end of March, early April.

Only 16 weeks until it’s finished!!

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What a difference. Sun shining here in Newton but it’s also freezing, about 3C.


It’s all looking good and they’ve fairly got on with it. It looks really big when you see it in the last outlet of photoS. Great progress.

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