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Growth and progress

Plants are looking stronger and the house is coming together.

Heavy overnight monsoon rains and hot daytime sun are exactly the medicine our plants and trees needed. There has been some terrific growth and vitality in the trees we planted at the beginning of April, and in one month there are some significant differences in how some plants looked then and now.

Our patchy field has also sprouted a good covering of grass, with Sanya, Hana’s brother, doing a grand job in keeping it all trim. I’m happy for it to get a bit wild but I’m told it will attract a lot of animals, and while I’m all for this when the local fauna includes a fair range of snakes I can see why people prefer to cut the grass.

Fruit season is just about to start in earnest in Thailand and we can’t wait until next year when we are able to pick and eat our own fruit.

Work on the house has also been progressing although as expected we’ll have a delay of two weeks or so. By the middle of June we should be able to move in.

I was thinking of writing a story about our interior design skills and give an idea of how the house is going to look inside, but the builders have beaten me to it and started painting and putting the first stage of finishing touches in place.

Rather than waffle on I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

One of our mango trees is enjoying its new home.

This tree was getting badly affected by weevils and other insects a couple of weeks ago. Looking much better now.

Sanya trimming the grass. We need some chickens and maybe a cow or two to do this work for us.

Door and window frames now in place.

Floor polished...

..and lights working.

First bit of painting. Light grey in the living room, green wall in the bedroom.

A view we’ll get used to. When we move in cars will always be parked out the back.

More to come soon...

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