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Home run

About this time last year I remember suddenly thinking - what if I lose my job?

I’d lost one at the end of 2019 and getting through that ate available savings, which wasn‘t helped by the company going under and not paying us all for a few months.

But what if it happened again.

That started the story that ran until

yesterday when the first chapter finishes.

As covid cases in Bangkok increase, the timing is great and, at this point, makes us feel like the risk we took last year is becoming a great decision. Ask me again in a year!

Before leaving the city I had a negative covid test - I didn‘t want my give to the locals to be a bout of covid, especially with so many 60+ people around. And on Friday I got my second dose of Sinovac vaccine. It’s not the best vaccine but I feel happier known I’ve got some level of protection.

Roads were quieter than usual and a typical 8 hour journey took just over 6. It was a lovely drive up. Rumours of police checks on inter-provincial travel proved baseless, although one happy group of coppers did stop me to inform me i‘d been speeding and would need to pay a 500 baht fine.

It was a huge straight on a newly finished piece of road and in the 5 minutes I was there I saw 15-20 cars stopped. Virtually ever car on the road. Nice little earner there.

As I write we’ve just finished our first lunch and it was lovely. Everything locally grown or sourced makes things taste a bit better.

Mint, Thai basil and spring onions from

the garden (green beans were bought) supplemented a nam tok curry.

This was followed by the fruit of gods, mangosteen, which some people found a bit sour.

If you’ve never had mangosteen - sort that.

We’re now sitting back and listening to a storm roll by in the near distance. A breeze floats through our balcony. We’ll probably miss this storm but we won’t be bypassed for long.

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