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The daft things you think of during lockdown

Covid has been a nightmare, but something must come good out of it. Right?

There's the old (misguided, apparently) Chinese saying that out of crisis comes opportunity. so if that's true, we'll be fine.

That's us in the picture

Yes, we are the two that are daft enough to consider giving up our city life to become farmers. If you know us, it'll be no surprise that we're calling ourselves 'The Unexpected Farmers'. In fact, if you know us you'll know it's really the unexpected farmer - you can guess which one.

Join our journey

This won't be the last time we say this but.... we have no idea what we are doing. At the very least it'll give you a laugh. But we'll be keeping track of everything we get up to - building a house, planting stuff, destroying stuff, crying, thinking why we did this... and hopefully in the end having a little farm that feeds us and keeps us happy. Hopefully we can feed a few others too.

#theonetreefarm #permaculture

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