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Sometimes it’s easier to let pictures tell the story, so here goes.

First, thanks to a gift from Scotland. A cracking little picture that just looks like us on our One Tree Farm. Thanks Alison.

Beginning to look solid.

We’d have liked the building to be higher and have a clear space below, but it wasn’t to be. So we’re filling in the space so snakes, rats and other undesirables can’t make our comfy home their comfy home.

The back of the house, but the main entrance.

Power! Still need a bit of investment to improve our supply though. All in good time.

Our first painted wall! And a wrongly painted wall. Green is fine but they painted the wrong colour in the entrance. Should be a light grey.

The kitchen. I kind of like the fridge in the middle of the floor. Artistic positioning.

View into the living room. That blue is a bit too colourful. Grey will work better.

Tidying the finish.

Things are moving on nicely, although finish will be mid-June rather than end of May. We’d rather time was taken over a good job and no need to rush.

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