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Project one complete

We thought it would never end, but it seems like it’s done.

After the builders left last week thinking the job was done we made a final check over the weekend.

We weren’t finished yet.

I’m in Bangkok at the moment so all the thanks for getting the final stage done have to go to Hana and her brother Sanya. While checking over other details they found more than a few issues remaining.

Back the builders came.

In between time relations with the building company had soured. A huge argument between Hana and the project manager, who is the architects wife, ensued. Women are always the worst ;) (that’s a joke people!)

When Thais argue the language used can be pretty colourful, but I’ve never heard Hana be like this in the 12 years I’ve known her. Nowhere near it in fact.

But it gives an idea of the level of frustration we were feeling. Repeated missed deadlines, false assurances that it would ’be ok’, and deadly slow progress took their toll. And the builder fighting back, despite being on shaky ground, didn’t help.

A few illustrative photos helped convince her that we had a point.

Two of the builders arrived back on Monday and left today, after completing all the unfinished work. In general they had been great, and helped us identify a lot of the issues, but we were ready for them not to be there.

So there we have it. The first stage is done, about a year after we initially thought of doing it.

It completes just as restrictions in Bangkok increase again so it’s going to serve its first purpose as a relief from the city.

We’re happy, and I’m in love with our house. It’s turned out better than I imagined.

Stage one is complete.

As we begin stage two I might need some suggestions for any of the green-fingered of you as we need to get some plants around the house.

More about that later ….

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