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Settling in

After a week of living in our new house we are yet to wake up to the just the sound of the local bird life singing, as we are still living with builders.

Despite this inconvenient fact, three of the four builders start working on the house at around 6.30, and most days have carried on through to 9 or 10 in the evening.

And we’re still not finished.

In fairness to them they have also done extra jobs for us that we’d have struggled with and that’s all taken a bit of time. But we’re ready for them to go - and by the calls they receive every night their wives and kids are ready to see them back home too.

We’ve set today as the final day but there’s still loads to do. They are confident it will be finished - I can’t say I share their confidence.

All i’d like to do is sit on our balcony with Hana and open a little bottle of sparklie and toast our new home - preferable with song of the green beekeeper and other birds as background, rather than the unique notes of the DeWalt DCD776C2A-B1 (which has been amazing this week, but there‘s a time and a place for it).

That aside, we’ve got a lot done this week.

We’ve registered the house and now have an address, we’ve installed a kitchen - which wasn’t part of the house build, we’ve built beds and tables and all sorts of stuff, and we’ve finally got unpacked. Not organised, but unpacked.

This time last week we were packing everything we owned into a couple of trucks and getting ready to set off on the long journey north.

It will be nice to finally get the house to ourselves tomorrow.

Leaving Bangkok

Stepping inside

Blessing the house


Building beds

Working late

admiring sunsets

Catching sunrises

Working from home

Setting up home office

Working on the garden

Building a kitchen

Getting some rest

Taking advantage of child labour

And meeting the neighbours

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