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Solid foundations

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

We are making progress.

Had a little communication issue this week and this is not quite looking how we expected, but I guess misunderstandings are to be expected when we are not on site and we are working with two languages in which neither party is completely fluent.

No major damage done, more a cosmetic issue.

The pictures below are of the base of the main house, which is just over 100 sq m in total. The 46 sq m balcony surrounding most of the front and side of the house will have steel supports, rather than concrete.

Here are some of the latest photos.

Standing in the kitchen, looking to the second bedroom and it’s bathroom.

The One Tree in the background.

Looking West - that will be our evening view from the balcony

Looking East - you’ll see the support pillar for the balcony at the front of the picture

Looking North - through the living room to the hallway and ‘front’ door, flanked by bathrooms

The land slopes a little from east to west, so you’ll notice the gap to the earth is shorter on one side.

All in we are moving quickly and pleased with progress. Onwards and upwards!!

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