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Stormy end to the week

Storm clouds have been looming in the area for the past couple of days - and I’m not talking about our frustration with the building company‘s ongoing delays.

We have literally had dark clouds passing nearby with lightning visible in the distance.

Taken a few days ago. There are no hills or mountains in the area - that’s all cloud.

One of the things we wanted to do this week was have an evening watching a sunset from our generousMay-sized balcony and yesterday afternoon it just didn’t look possible.

Fans lay on the unfinished floor, lights hung from the roof, and railings stood unpainted. As I’m leaving for Bangkok this morning it was my last chance to get a taste of what this would be like.

Somehow, and I’m not sure of the how, we managed to make it happen - in a Thai sort of a way. Which means we did it but not how we imagined doing it.

Just as darkness set in the wind suddenly lifted, and there were some quite violent gusts. There was no rain yet but it was on its way.

Hana’s aunts, who have spent most of this week in a shack about 80 metres from the house, made their way over to our place with their single flashlight. They needed a stronger shelter then 5 pieces of corrugated steel held together on a wooden frame. They’re clearer weakening in their older age ;) (both are in their 70s).

They arrived just as we finished building our balcony centerpiece, a 3 metre long table where I expect we’ll spend a lot of time.

Minutes later the storm hit in force. In truth, I’d been hoping to get some heavy wind and rain. I wanted to see the effects on the house. I wanted to make sure it‘s secure.

Winds (and rain) usually come from the south-west at this time of year and the balcony and it’s shadIng we’re designed to take advantage of nice breezes on hot days as well as give a bit of protection from the rain. Last night this meant that while the long balcony got a bit hammered with wind, but the small balcony on the Other side of the house, outside the main bedroom, was completely peaceful, with hardly a breathe of wind.

While all this was happening we had a blackout.

Not that it bothered the aunties, who barely batted an eyelid and seemed oblivious to the fact that they could move inside.

And when inside you’d hear almost nothing of the raging wind and swirling rain. It was perfectly peaceful.

Soon it was peaceful outside too, and Roong, our amazing sister-in-law, arrived with platefuls of food.

Were we finally going to get the chance to enjoy our balcony before I left? Yes we were!

And it was absolutely perfect.

In between times I’d been for a celebratory Lagavulin with the builders on our small balcony. This was promised as incentive for finishing the main area.

And while there we watched a huge moon rise and light up the sky.

A stunning moment to end a busy but satisfying week.

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