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The One Tree is no more

That’s because we‘ve just planted another 118 trees to join our single eucalyptus!!

And at the end of the weekend, standing on our soon to finish balcony looking out on to what will one day be a field full of assorted trees and fruits and life - well, it was very satisfying. And pretty exciting.

We’ll stick with our original name though as it‘ll be important to remember we started with a single tree, but hopefully we develop a lush garden full of plant life.

But it takes a lot of work, especially when day time temperatures hit around 40c, limiting most physical effort to the later afternoon.

We started off with a long journey from Bangkok, stopping off to buy trees. It was a 9 hour drive or so, and the first real run out for our new truck. What we discovered was that the windows need a sun protection - it was a hot, hot journey.

There was no shortage of work to do when we arrived either, from weeding to figuring out which tree was which, labeling the trees, and then planting them. Oh, and we needed a watering system as well!

Fortunately there is no shortage of help from around the village, and the extended family is large. Everyone helped out, from 3 year olds moving saplings into their spot in the garden, to 70 year olds digging with a hoe while sitting on the ground - quite a skill to see.

Weeding with the kids

Perfect gardening footwear

Don’t mention child labour!

With 118 trees to learn getting them named was important.

The first tree - Rosewood

Team effort of four generations!

If you want to know what we’ve planted, have a look here:

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