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When a deadline is not a deadline

If you are reading this and have spent any time in Thailand, what you are about to read will come as no surprise: deadlines here are meant to be moved, rather than met.

We weren‘t completely surprised that we’d have to extend the first expected completion date, but we thought there’d be more focusing of the minds and the hands to meet the second date, especially after we’d asked if it was confirmed and we could arrange a removal team for this weekend, which would give the building team a few days to deal with any snags.

But we were wrong. True focus comes when fee reductions are mentioned. Being there in person helps too.

There’s quite a ‘snag’ list to complete, and much of it goes beyond just tidying up little problems. The house is absolutely not ready to move in to today, but we are hopeful that by Sunday, when furniture arrives, we can move in in some form. It won’t be perfect, but it’s likely to be memorable!

The cause of the delay is clear. A lack of leadership, management and oversight for a bunch of builders who seem quite competent, but have made a few mistakes as they’ve been left to their own devices.

From what we saw yesterday to visiting again this morning there has been significant change, and some of the issues we raised have already been solved. Theit attitude was also excellent - they are keen to fix things do a good job.

At this point in time we thing the inside of the house should be finished by Saturday, but outside areas will need a few days more work. Cancelling any move this weekend causes a whole host of knock-on effects which are not good.

We have a removal team that we’ve cancelled once. I suspect canceling a second time will see them move goodbye (and ask for a fee for losing business). They’d be fair requests, but these guys have us a deal 20% cheaper than other suppliers and have been great to deal with. We don’t want to change.

We also have to register the house and have it inspected, but that requires some embassy certified documentation from me. It’s time consuming and expensive. I’d rather not do it.

we’ve already given notice to move out of our Bangkok apartment and I’ve booked a mont Airbnb rent. That would be more money lost.

The prospect of receiving these bills has focused the main builder. Let’s hope we have a place to move into when we arrive back on Saturday night or Sunday morning with all our possessions.

It‘s frustrating but not an unfamiliar situation, and I think we’re quite calm about it all. And we’ve also made our displeasure clear to the management. But we are focused on the future and making things right, rather than spending endless energy on complaining about what should have been done.

Here is a handle of picture to see how it’s going - clearly not ready by June 15th as agreed :)

view from the front garden

balcony, with doors to bedroom and kitchen

balcony in front of kitchen

the boss issuing design instructions

getting ready to move the shower head. Who knows why it was placed where you can see it

another misplaced shower head

the backside, also the entrance

Overall not perfect, but not the end of the world, and we are now heading back to Bangkok at happier than we were yesterday.

Before we sign off, woke up to an assortment of roads who’d made my shoes their bed for the evening. Found three in there in total.

Saw this guy yesterday, and about half a dozen of his mates this morning. Will need to find out what it is.

And a photo of the aunts and Hana’s mum in my preferred ‘I’m not ready’ pose ;)

Until the weekend!!

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