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Would you call it a balcony?

Strictly speaking our outside area isn’t a balcony is it, as that would mean it should be enclosed by a wall or railings, and typically on a higher floor.

Today we saw how It’s going to look for the first time and we’re really excited by how we will use this area.

But what do we call it?

The Marshall Mezzanine

Our Thai garden terrace

The sunset stoop

Our panoramic porch

The vibrant veranda

Feel free to suggest. The winning entry will have a chicken named after them. How‘s that for a prize!

The yet to be named outside area up close

Both the kitchen and second bedroom have double doors out to this area, so for anyone planning to visit this is where you’ll be at.

Front of kitchen and living room. No name required.

A wider perspective You’ll notice that the clear blue skies of January have gone and it looks decidedly more Scottish up above - but it’s grey and roasting, and awfy close, as my granny used to say.

Storms are on the way and monsoon season is almost here. Another post about that, and how we are preparing the land, over the weekend.

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