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You're moving where???

This morning we're getting ready to make our trip to the country, the site of our future home.

Now I guess you may be wondering where exactly we plan to live. Well, here you go....

To give it come context, it's about an 8 hour drive from Bangkok. But today we're making a one hour flight, then hiring a car for a drive of 1.5 - 2 hours.

As you can see we are literally moving to a field.

The district we're heading for is Sahatsakhan, which is in Kalasin province. Most people don't know much about Kalasin, even among Thais, and it's probably most famous for one thing: dinosaurs.

There's a nearby museum that shows fossils and bones found in the area, and as we drive along the road there are more than a few dinosaurs looking over us. Big dinosaur statues can be spotted every few kilometres.

If you click on the map and scale out to Bangkok you'll get a sense of the distance.

Can't wait to get there as weather has been really cool recently.

This morning is the coolest I've known it to be there. We're packing thermals.

It's going to be lovely all week.

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